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Integrate Amazon into Material Catalog to Automatically Pull-in Material Info

In the Material Catalog, product information automatically downloads for Home Depot or Lowes, but it doesn't download for Amazon. Integrate w/ Amazon so product info will automatically download when uploading a link.
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0

Connect Estimate/Budget to Schedule so budgeted costs can be planned and forecasted over the life of the project

Right now the Estimate/Budget is disconnected from the Schedule, so users cannot see when their budgeted costs will need to be paid. Create an option for users to "connect their Estimate/Budget to Schedule", so the categories and costs in the Esti...
David Robertson 9 months ago in Tools 0

Permit Tracking Tool

Tool to track the permitting process. Upload images/docs of permits, track Pass/Fail, track inspector name, notes. Posted on Behalf of Jason Rroland
David Robertson 12 months ago in Tools 0 Under Review

Google Drive Integration

Ability to upload docs from Google Drive. My team collaborates using Google Drive so that we all have access to the same information. It would be great if I could upload documents directly from Google Drive into the project docs section
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations / Tools 0 Future Consideration

One Minute Estimator on Flip Analyzer

A nice feature on one of the Step 3 Repairs Tab of the Flip Analyzer would be to add a One Minute Estimator (or Quick Estimate tool), which already has the most common repairs listed and has a breakdown of the percentage of each repairs based on e...
David Robertson 12 months ago in Tools 0 Future Consideration

Equity Profit Share Percentage on Flip Analyzer

On the Flip Analyzer, users can only setup loans (debt) for funding their deals, but real estate investors often fund their deals using a profit split. Add the ability to setup financing for equity investors that receive a profit split.
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0 Planned

Scenarios Analysis Dashboard to View/Analyze Multiple Scenarios/Exit Strategies

Create an overall analysis board where investors can see all of their different exit strategies and run multiple analysis scenarios where investors can tweak financial values for forecast best case, worst case and baseline scenarios.
David Robertson 11 months ago in Tools 0

Project Portfolio and Listing Websites

A listing page/report where real estate investors can show off before and after photos and financial results of their successfully completed projects that can be shared with their clients, business partners and lenders.
David Robertson 11 months ago in Innovation 0 Future Consideration

Print and sending 1099s

We have the 1099 report, but it would be great to be able to print the 1099 and send it to each of our contractors/payees at the beginning of the year.
David Robertson 10 months ago in Accounting 0 Future Consideration

Add Photos to Inspection Widget

Add an option to add photos to the Inspection Widget for each Category. For example, give the ability to add pictures of the roof - saved with the roof section, etc. Then incorporate the pictures as part of the Inspection Report. Similar to a home...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0 Future Consideration