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Tag expenses as "Paid" vs "Unpaid"

Ability to tag expenses as Paid vs Unpaid. Tag expenses w/ Paid vs Unpaid Filter expense tracker by paid vs unpaid expenses Report that shows paid vs unpaid expenses
David Robertson 9 months ago in Accounting 0 Future Consideration

Modify the New Construction investment strategy to Construction and add "Project" category.

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Modify the new construction strategy to include a project category. How will this idea help you? As an investor and general contractor the existing categories do not cover remodeling or similar projects. The ...
Guest about 1 month ago in User Experience and User Interface Upgrades 0 Under Review

Email or SMS integration to Gantt

Ability to notify subs if changes are made to project schedule via Gantt. If names are assigned to tasks, they would get notified downstream if they are impacted.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations 0 Future Consideration

Payment Tracking for Financing

Looking for a tool to have payment schedule amortization, the ability to make extra payments or add a lump sum etc. It would be a portal that the lender and borrowers could have logins for. Lender would have multiple properties on their side. Auto...
Guest 5 months ago in Accounting 0 Under Review

Activity Feed to Track User Activity, Changes, Comments

I think it would be great to be able to track changes by user and time like an example how Google Docs does. This allows for accountability and error tracking. I think this is mostly useful in the accounting side of a project, although it can be h...
David Robertson 11 months ago in Tools 0 In Progress

Estimator Search

The Repair Estimator templates are extremely detailed and include hundreds of repair items that make it hard for users to find the items they are looking for. Add a search box that searches the Estimator to find: Categories Repair item descrip...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0 Planned

Add Invoice due date column under expense tracker or somewhere in reports

Please describe your idea/enhancement. How will this idea help you? Who will it benefit? What timelines are you working with?
Chad Belcher about 2 months ago in  0 Under Review

Add ability to track Utility Company account information per project

When you have multiple active renovation projects and rental holdings its hard to keep track of all of our Utility Company information like Company name, account #s, billing logins, and dates. Add the ability to track Water, Sewer, Gas and Electri...
David Robertson 7 months ago in Accounting / Tools 0 Under Review

Hypothetical Example Project Pre-Loaded into Software

For new users, on the Project Dashboard add an option for users to add an “example project” to their account which will come pre-loaded with project information. The Problem Some users might not have an example project or may not want to waste tim...
David Robertson 11 months ago in Tools 0 Planned

Create Separate Estimate Areas for Individual Units for Multi Family Rehabs

Estimate “Areas” are used to organize the categories of work into grouped areas. The Estimator currently has Areas hardcoded as “Exterior, Interior, MEP, & Other”. By allowing the Areas to beEstimate “Areas” are used to organize the cate...
David Robertson 11 months ago in Tools 0 Planned