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Created by Haley Lasley
Created on Sep 21, 2023

Utilize Dates for the Tasks instead of Calculating Days

When I click on a task and pick the day that it's going to start and then how many days until it's completed, it would be really nice to switch this to a calendar that pops up and I pick the date. The reason being is that everytime I'm doing this I seem to have to open a calendar to look at the days. For example, if something starts on a Friday, I usually have to take into consideration that the contractor doesn't work weekends. So if I put the flooring should take 2 days, relatively it WILL take 2 days, but if I start on a Friday it might not be finished until Monday which means I should of selected 4 days. But other than that it's just so much easier to see a schedule instead of trying to guess what day October 14th falls on.

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