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Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Provide simple mobile apps to analyze deals, upload images, receipts and quick data entry when using a mobile device.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Tools 0 Future Consideration

New construction report

Please describe your idea/enhancement. An option for a new construction report that is similar to both Flip and BRRRR investment reports How will this idea help you? Using it to market and update clients Who will it benefit? What timelines are you...
Guest 21 days ago in Tools 1 Under Review

Enhanced search filters

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Hi, I would like to see additional filters while searching for properties to invest in. Some ideas: ARV, State or market, % complete, what the developers will do after they finish, % returns, term remaining, ...
Guest about 2 months ago in Tools 0 Under Review

Place to be able to put Wholesale pricing

We have the option to code the property as wholesale but there is no place to do wholesale analysis or even put the price you want to wholesale the property for.
Guest 3 months ago in Tools 1 Under Review

Ability to Edit/Manage Custom Task Templates

Users can currently save Task Templates in the Task Manager, but once a Task Template is saved users don't currently have a way to go back and edit existing templates and are forced to save a completely new template and delete the old one which is...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0

Localization for different countries

Let users choose metric or imperial measurements and convert data to metric equivalent for square foot etc. Also allow country to be added to profile so that address formats can be modified to not require a state.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Tools 0 Future Consideration

Add Rental Income/Operating Expense Tracking

FlipperForce’s accounting tools are only built for standard flip accounting which has resale income and project expenses, but does not have accounting tools necessary for tracking on-going rental income/expenses. Problem #1: FF does not currentl...
David Robertson 11 months ago in Accounting / Tools 0

Utilize Dates for the Tasks instead of Calculating Days

When I click on a task and pick the day that it's going to start and then how many days until it's completed, it would be really nice to switch this to a calendar that pops up and I pick the date. The reason being is that everytime I'm doing this ...
Haley Lasley 2 months ago in Tools 0 Under Review

Build new Private Lender Report so investors can show their lenders exactly how much they can make if they lend on their deal

The Private Lender Packet is a investment packet that can be used to raise money from a private lender. It's nearly an exact replica as our Flip Investment Packet except for it's specifically tailored to show how much the Private lender can make b...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0 Planned

Bulk date change to pictures added in the Files module

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Ability to change the date added of pictures in bulk. I can be done individually, but if there are a lot of pictures, it takes a while. How will this idea help you? An accurate record of the property updates ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Tools 0 Under Review