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Quickbooks Accounting Integration

Create a Quickbooks integration that will automatically connect project expense data that is in Quickbooks so expense data in QB and FF are connected and in sync.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Accounting / Integrations 2

Zapier Integration to sync tasks, calendars, accounting or other tools

Create IFTTT or Zapier integrations to allow to sync tasks, calendar, accounting to other tools, such as Google (tasks, notes, calendar, email, contacts, drive). Otherwise, connect Podio or other CRMs so property information, contact info, etc can...
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations 0

Google Calendar Integration

Create a Google Calendar integration to connect the Flipper Force Calendar Tasks, Schedules & Events to Google Calendar.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations 0

Bank Account/Credit Card Account Integrations

Expense tracking is a very time consuming task for real estate investors. FlipperForce currently requires users to manually add/track project expenses. Adding external bank and credit card integrations will allow our users to easily and seamlessly...
David Robertson 11 months ago in Accounting / Integrations 0

Google Drive Integration

Ability to upload docs from Google Drive. My team collaborates using Google Drive so that we all have access to the same information. It would be great if I could upload documents directly from Google Drive into the project docs section
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations / Tools 0 Future Consideration

Email or SMS integration to Gantt

Ability to notify subs if changes are made to project schedule via Gantt. If names are assigned to tasks, they would get notified downstream if they are impacted.
David Robertson 12 months ago in Integrations 0 Future Consideration

CompanyCam Integration

FlipperForce Photo Log is a great way to manage/organize Project photos, but CompanyCam has a dedicated native app that can be used to take photos and make annotations. Integrating with CompanyCam would make it easier for users to take photos from...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Integrations 0 Under Review

Browser Extension That Saves Zillow, Redfin properties into FF

Chrome extension (similar to article saving widgets) that can be used to save property urls and details into FlipperForce. Examples include:
Perry Lee 11 months ago in Integrations 0 Under Review

Salesforce Integration

We use Salesforce to track our vendors, payments, and projects but they lack some of the great tools that FlipperForce has. It would be ideal to have an integration with Salesforce so we don't have to double-enter data into both systems
Guest 5 months ago in Integrations 0 Under Review