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Split investment funding with available wallet balance + rest with your connected bank/wire

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Being able to use my current balance $ in my wallet plus the remaining investment amount from my saved bank account. For example on a $5K investment - say you have 2K in your Upright wallet this feature will ...
Guest 15 days ago in Investments 0 Under Review

Alert when a projects funding get to below the minimum $5K amount invested but still needs funds to be completed

Please describe your idea/enhancement. To have an alert when funds get below the minimum $5K amount that will notify you. To finish out funding for projects, when they get to 99% funded. How will this idea help you? Help use funds that are just si...
Guest 15 days ago in Investments 0 Under Review

Page size on the investor dashboard should be sticky

When viewing investments, they are presented in a paged list. The default page size is 25. Changing the page size to greater value does not stick and is reset to the default each time you revisit the investor dashboard. Making it stick as a user s...
Mark Marlow 2 months ago in Investments 0 Under Review