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YTD interest earned instead of total earned

this will be good for tax planning
Jan Alsen 3 days ago in User Experience and User Interface Upgrades 0 Under Review

Loan offerings should be filterable

Add filters. The more, the better. Here are some for starters: loan duration, judicial/non-judicial/mixed, loan amount, state, interest rate.
Mark Marlow 2 days ago in Loan & Investment Offerings 0 Under Review

Provide access to PPM before I send money

Currently, the system only provides access to PPM after you make a financial commitment. If i decide not to sign the PPM, It takes 5 days or so to get the money back. Better would be a way to read the PPM before committing capital. This could be e...
Mark Marlow 2 days ago in Loan & Investment Offerings 0 Under Review

Utilize Dates for the Tasks instead of Calculating Days

When I click on a task and pick the day that it's going to start and then how many days until it's completed, it would be really nice to switch this to a calendar that pops up and I pick the date. The reason being is that everytime I'm doing this ...
Haley Lasley 7 days ago in Tools 0 Under Review

Add cash flow chart showing 24 months of cash flow from TTM to FTM

Investor Dashboard should have a chart that shows the investor's trailing twelve months (TTM) of cash flow to current day, and future twelve months (FTM) of anticipated cash flow based on current investments. Extra credit if chart include current ...
Mark Marlow 8 days ago in Reporting 0 Under Review

Add List of Submitted Applications

Add a list of projects that have been submitted for funding to allow users to be able to see what applications are pending review/approval. This prevents multiple applications from being submitted.
Guest 6 days ago in Loan & Investment Offerings 0 Under Review

Page size on the investor dashboard should be sticky

When viewing investments, they are presented in a paged list. The default page size is 25. Changing the page size to greater value does not stick and is reset to the default each time you revisit the investor dashboard. Making it stick as a user s...
Mark Marlow 8 days ago in Investments 0 Under Review

Quickbooks Accounting Integration

Create a Quickbooks integration that will automatically connect project expense data that is in Quickbooks so expense data in QB and FF are connected and in sync.
David Robertson 10 months ago in Accounting / Integrations 2

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Provide simple mobile apps to analyze deals, upload images, receipts and quick data entry when using a mobile device.
David Robertson 10 months ago in Tools 0 Future Consideration

Zapier Integration to sync tasks, calendars, accounting or other tools

Create IFTTT or Zapier integrations to allow to sync tasks, calendar, accounting to other tools, such as Google (tasks, notes, calendar, email, contacts, drive). Otherwise, connect Podio or other CRMs so property information, contact info, etc can...
David Robertson 10 months ago in Integrations 0